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Easy and gorgeous mobile touchless QR code menus & price lists for safer businesses

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Create and manage your own QR code menus and price lists — with no extra fees for updates — all from your mobile device or desktop

Cleaner & safer

Comply with guidelines to eliminate high touch traditional menus or price lists and put them in the hands of your customer’s mobile devices

Greener & cheaper

Minimize your use of single use paper printed menus and price lists — and save money in these challenging times for businesses

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Our goal is to include everything you need to get started creating QR code menus and price lists


Ability to create multiple locations and then assign unique menus or price lists to each

Menus or price lists

Create as many menus or price lists as you need for your customers to explore

Unlimited categories

Organize menus and price lists by as many categories for customers to explore

Unlimited Items

List every dish, beverage, product or service you offer organized by categories

Unlimited modifiers

Let customers see extra add ons and other upgrades and indicate cost changes

Image uploads

Illustrate food, beverages, products and services with optional images

Unlimited QR codes

Our system generates free QR codes in a variety of sizes — including print quality

Unlimited editing

Edit anything you want whenever you want with no limits or extra fees

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Mobile first & friendly design for your customers

We use a rich mobile template that uses familiar user interface design best practices so your customers can dive in

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A better option than PDFs

Learn why PDF menus and price lists isn’t the best way — and can cost you business

Advantages over PDFs

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There’s no need to download any app or software to view or edit our menus or price lists

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