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The easier option

Create and manage your own contactless menus — with no extra fees for updates — all from your mobile device or desktop. Adding contactless menus means you and your staff do not need to touch reusable — or even single use — menus for customers who opt to use the contactless option.

Cleaner & safer

A contactless menu is an idea solution to help keep staff and customers safer from COVID-19 and others germs. By combining the use of QR codes and a rich, mobile friendly digital menu, a contactless menu mean guests and staff never need to touch a shared surface or device.

Greener & cheaper

Switching to contactless menus means less (or almost no) menus to keep clean or print. Diners, meanwhile, do not need to touch a reusable menu and can feel more environmentally friendly by not having to use a printed paper menu for a few minutes only to see it get thrown away.

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One location is free — go premium for unique contactless menus for different locations

Menus or price lists

One contactless menu is free or go premium to add more than one for your restaurant


Organize contactless menus for customers to easily explore your offerings


List dishes and beverages your restaurant serves for customers to browse


Offer dishes with upcharges or downcharges on your contactless menu Premium

Image uploads

Illustrate your contactless menu with option images of food and beverages Premium

Unlimited QR codes

Our system generates free QR codes in a variety of sizes — including print quality

Unlimited editing

Edit anything you want whenever you want with no limits or extra fees

Mobile first & friendly design for your customers

We use a rich mobile template that uses familiar user interface design best practices so your customers can dive into your contactless menu

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A better option than PDFs

Learn why PDF menus isn’t the best way to do contactless menus — and how they can actually cost you business

Advantages over PDFs

No downloads to view or manage

There’s no need to download any app or software to view or edit our contactless menus

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Making a contactless menu

Learn your options for creating a contactless or touchless restaurant menu for free

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