The best alternative to single use paper menus: Contactless menus

Contactless menus are safe, dynamic and more eco-friendly

Printed single use menus may be an easy way to meet local safety requirements during COVID-19 and coronavirus but they aren’t the most eco-friendly option and printing costs can quickly add up over using contactless menus.

Use the QR code alternative

Instead of printing paper menus that need to be throw out or recycled after each use, you can display a QR code on dining tables or signage that users scan to view your current menu and create the perfect meal.

Advantages of digital contactless menus

Digital contactless menus not only cut back on printing costs, they also mean users only touch their own personal device.

Your digital contactless QR code menus can be updated at any time with free unlimited editing. This lets you change your menu and items as at any time you need and as many times as necessary.

You’ll also have the ability to temporarily make items unavailable — removing them from the digital menus customer view.

Single use menu disadvantages
  • Printing costs can add up
  • Can’t be easily edited or updated
  • Aren’t the most eco-friendly option
Build your free touchless QR digital menu

Begin creating your free mobile touchless digital menu.

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