Safer menus beyond the coronavirus pandemic

Digital menus are a wise investment for the pandemic and beyond

While we all hope the coronavirus pandemic will end sooner rather than later, the fact is that we live in a world that’s always under the threat of pathogens of all types.

As a foodservice operation, you know first hand how dangerous bacteria and viruses are — and how big of a threat they are to your business.

Not only do restaurants have to worry about illnesses spreading inside their walls (or tents, as the case may be now), but there’s also the added worry of foodborne illnesses.

Even with everyone following the rules and keeping things as clean as possible, it’s still hard to protect your staff and guests from something no one can see.

That’s why digital QR code powered menus are poised to become a wise investment for restaurants not only during the coronavirus pandemic but also for years to come.

By eliminating what is notoriously one of the hardest things to clean in a restaurant — reusable menus — and instead having customers browse through selections on their personal devices, you’ll be able to eliminate or reduce this key touchpoint.

As restaurants begin to their comeback from the pandemic’s devastating economic toll, it will be vital to find ways to not only save money but also assure customers that you take health and safety seriously.

QR code powered menus are an ideal way to spotlight how your establishment is proactive and forward thinking — even with something as simple as a menu.

A good investment for now and the future
  • Contactless experience for the coronavirus pandemic and beyond
  • Show your dedication to safety
  • More eco-friendly than single use paper menus
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