QR code menus & price lists for schools & colleges

QR code menus for cafeterias, food courts & offices

Educational institutions ranging from K-12 schools and higher education can leverage QR codes to let students and faculty view important information and details.

  • Cafeteria menus and price lists: For educational institutions that allow students and faculty to carry devices through the day, a QR code menu is a great way to prevent people from gathering around serving areas and their menu and price boards.
  • In the classroom: Help remind students of important rules, lunch menus or other key information by placing a QR code in the classroom that can link to a price list or menu.
  • Around buildings: QR codes placed around school buildings or campuses are a great way to let students and faculty access important lists and information — as well as lunch menus and other product and service lists.
  • At school events: School events, including sports events, can display QR code on printed or digital signage to let fans view snack bar menus or team merchandise lists.
  • Service counters or school stores: QR code price lists can also be leveraged to list products, services and prices in the registrar, bursar or other administrative options, school stores or bookstores, printing centers and information booths.

Note: Larger facilities expecting over a few thousand scans per month may require an enterprise plan.

Why it’s great for schools & colleges
  • Contactless way to view menus, lists and important information that’s environmentally friendly
  • Edit yourself as often as you need
  • Deactivate items temporarily or adjust prices without having to reprint
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