86 or remove menu items temporarily

Dynamic digital menus mean you can temporarily remove an item

Keeping and predicting the right amount of inventory on hand is challenging enough on a day to day basis — but as the world adjusts to COVID-19, supply chains have been disrupted, leading some restaurant owners to experience seemingly random shortages.

To help make managing your business just a little easier during these challenging times, you can 86 (or temporarily remove) items from the menu if you run out.

The difference between 86ing and deleting an item is that, once your inventory is replenished, you don’t need to re-enter all the information about the dish. In simple terms, an 86’d item simply becomes inactive for a bit until you set it back to available.

To avoid customer disappointment, you can also combined the 86ing feature with the “limited availability” setting to give diners a head’s up that a dish might not be available.

86ing highlights
  • Add as many modifiers as you need to each dish or item
  • Modifiers can be shown with an extra fee
  • Modifiers can also reduce the cost of an item
  • A great feature to use in combination with the “limited availability” setting
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