Free Digital Menu Generator

Use qReveal to generate a contactless restaurant menu

Building a contactless menu for your restaurant is easy with qReveal.

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to start building your free touchless QR code menu right away. It’s easy to add categories and items.

Our platform is free for most small and medium sized restaurants — and a premium plan with more features starts at just $19 per month.

Once all of your items are entered, qReveal takes care of the heavy lifting to generate your free menu in a mobile friendly format.

You’ll also get free QR codes that you can print and post around your restaurant.

The qReveal menu generator takes care of organizing items by category and offers advanced building features such as adding images, advanced pricing and more.

Because all the menus the qReveal menu generate creates are digital, they’re also dynamic and you can 86 items you’re out of on the fly, spotlight specials and featured items to help improve your customer experience and boost sales.

All your customers have to do is get out their mobile device, open a camera or QR app and point the camera at the code — and the menu opens automatically. Customers won’t have to touch reusable menus that you have to worry about keeping clean and you won’t waste money and paper on single use menus that end up in the trash.

Build your free touchless QR menu

Start building your free mobile menu.

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