How to make a contactless menu

It's free and easy to start building your contactless restaurant menu

There are many ways to make a free contactless menu for your restaurant in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

The first option is to upload a PDF of your menu and use a free QR code generator to create a QR code for your menu that you can post throughout your restaurant to let customers scan and view your menu. However, using PDF menus has many disadvantages, including the potential to make your customers extremely frustrated.

There’s also the option of using responsive website design to create mobile friendly version of your menu — but this typically requires knowledge of HTML, CSS and media queries. This process can also be highly time consuming.

You can also build a free contactless menu using a QR code menu building tool. These platforms typically have a backend admin area that lets you, as a restaurant owner, input your menu and items along with pricing and other details without having to know complex code or design or having to download any software or apps.

The platform then creates a mobile friendly, interactive and dynamic digital menu customized with your items. These platforms often allow you to organized menu items into categories or even separate lunch, dinner, breakfast, drink and other menus.

Advanced contactless menu features can include using images of your dishes, modifiers to let customers customize dishes and settings to make the interface match your brand, often for a monthly fee.

qReveal’s contactless menu platform gives small and medium sized restaurants the power to create mobile friendly touchless menus for free. There’s also a premium version that starts at just $19 per month that adds a suite of advanced features.

Users can get started for free without any credit card required. This plan lets restaurant owners enter items and see how their menu will look in a rich web application.

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