Alternative to printed menus during COVID-19 & coronavirus

Add another layer of protection for your guests and staff

Switching to digital menus during the coronavirus pandemic is a great way to add one more precaution to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

By switching away from reusable menus, diners won’t be touching a surface that another guest may have touched just a few moments before.

Digital menus are also a great alternative to single use printed paper menus because they reduce printing costs and a better for the environment.

By having most customers view menus on their own mobile device, you’ll be eliminating having to print or copy paper menus or worry about keeping reusable menus clean if they’re allowed in your area.

You can also edit the menu as often as you’d like, including 86ing items you run out of during service due to inventory and delivery issues.

Why digital menus are better during COVID-19
  • Contactless experience
  • Reduce touch points and cleaning
  • More eco-friendly than single use paper menus
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