QR code menus & price lists for hotels

How hotels and motels can use low touch QR code price lists & menus

Hotels rooms are full of high touch services — everything from the remote to room service menu to the services directory and phone book.

This quickly becomes a challenge to keep every surface and object clean, so switching to digital versions of menus and service lists is always a great option to cut back on some cleaning time.

qReveal can let you create and edit digital menus and price lists for:

  • Guest service directory: That binder is a haven for germs. You can replace it with a QR code powered price list that includes all the information guests need to know, including the elements below. Alternatively, create separate lists for each category of service and use unique QR codes placed around the room.
  • Room service menus: Remove this high touch item from rooms in favor of a QR code; plus take advantage of being able to update your menu whenever you need to — just like a traditional restaurant menu powered by qReveal.
  • Mini bar price lists: Replace the printed card with a QR code that guests scan. Comes with the added advantage of being able to adjust inventory and change prices as needed.
  • Laundry service price lists: Let customers scan a QR code to view the costs for laundry services, shoe shines and more — eliminating another high touch item.
  • TV channel lists: Enter each channel as a separate item without a price — which can even be organized by categories such as news, sports and entertainment. Optionally include PPV pricing and more.

Note: Larger facilities expecting over a few thousand scans per month may require an enterprise plan.

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