You’re probably doing contactless menus wrong

Does your QR code just take customers to a PDF of your menu? There’s a better way.

Build a free mobile first digital menu your customers will love!

Build a better contactless menu free

Have you tried using your PDF menu?

Watch this video to see what reading a PDF menu on a mobile device often looks like for customers

PDF contactless menus are tough for your customers

Most contactless PDF menus require a lot of pinching, scrolling, squinting and rotating for customers to read all the items, descriptions and prices. It’s a pain to use.

Easier for your customers and mobile friendly by design

qReveal’s platform is designed for mobile devices. Our menus fit perfectly on mobile phones and are easy to navigate even on small screens.

No downloads and easy as pointing a camera

Customers don’t need to download anything to get a much better experience — and accessing your menu is still as easy as pointing a camera at a QR code.

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