QR code menus & price lists for hospitals, clinics & urgent cares

Let patients safely access price lists & menus without any contact

Contactless menus and price lists are vital for almost any business — but perhaps even more so for hospitals and other medical care facilities:

  • Hospital emergency rooms
  • Hospital patient rooms
  • Hospital cafeterias
  • Hospital food carts
  • Hospital waiting rooms
  • Doctors office waiting rooms
  • Dentist office waiting rooms
  • Physical therapy offices

  • Urgent and immediate care exam rooms
  • Urgent and immediate care waiting rooms
  • Clinic exam rooms
  • Clinic waiting rooms
  • Family and friend visiting rooms
  • Hospital gift shops
  • Pharmacies

All of these health care facilities can leverage the power of patient and staff mobile devices to limit the number of surfaces that are touched (and therefore need to be sanitized) as well as reduce crowding around menu or price lists for social distancing safety.

  • Cafeteria menus and price lists: Let diners scan a QR code to view menus so they don’t crowd around menu signage. This is also a great way to control crowding by asking customers to make selections before entering self service or serving lines — and make sure they know what they want when it’s time to order.
  • Patient rooms: Let patients scan and view the day’s food menu, lists of information or services and more.
  • Waiting rooms: Allow users to review service lists without having to touch shared printed copies — and eliminate having to print single use versions.
  • Gift shops: Let customers browse items (even from waiting rooms or near entrances) and make their selection before entering, making it easier to avoid overcrowding.
  • Exam rooms: Present service lists and other information from inside waiting rooms — letting patients get details about your procedures and services while waiting.
  • Pharmacies: An easier, safer way to distribute price lists or information about the services offered from pharmacists and technicians.

Note: Larger facilities expecting over a few thousand scans per month may require an enterprise plan.

Why it’s great for health care
  • Contactless way to view menus, lists and important information that’s environmentally friendly
  • Edit yourself as often as you need
  • Deactivate items temporarily or adjust prices without having to reprint
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