Contactless to go menus

Learn the advantages of digital to go menus

Digital contactless to go menus are a great way promote safe social distancing practices and scale back on printed menus.

Alternative to printed to go menus

Many restaurants offer brochure style printed menus for guests who want to place to go orders. During a pandemic, however, these brochures shouldn’t be put back after one use — instead they should be thrown away.

Laminated menus also have to be cleaned after each customer looks at it — adding another surface to keep clean.

Instead, let customers scan a QR code near your entrance to bring up your takeout menu on a mobile device and then place their order.

Menu board alternatives

While customers never touch wall or ceiling mounted menu boards or digital menu screens, these setups can still pose a challenge because they often require people to gather closely together in order to see everything. They can also be especially tough for guests with poor eyesight.

Social distancing

Switching to printed, board or digital menus encourages to go customers to practice better social distancing and avoid having groups of people clustered around menu boards.

Instead, to go customers scan a QR code from almost any distance and browse the menu on their device until they are ready to order.

As an added bonus, customers with poor vision will also appreciate not having to squint to make out text on the menu signage.

Curbside to go

You can have signs in front of parking spaces outside your restaurant that include your QR code.

To go diners can then scan the code, view the menu and either come inside to order or call to order and then wait in their vehicles for the meal to be ready.

Attract new business

You can also also hang a large banner or sign with your QR code outside your building in a highly visible spot. This will help let passersby that you’re open for to go orders and also give them a chance to explore the menu without having to come inside.

Contactless to go menu advantages
  • Put to go menus in the hands of your customers
  • Update your to go menus as often as you need
  • More eco-friendly than printed to go menus

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