Contactless wine lists

A safer, cleaner and greener alternative to single use menus

Create a safer experience for guests with digital wine lists that they can open simply by pointing their phone camera to a special QR code.

Sort your contactless wine list however you’d like

Digital wine lists can be easily organized by category. Sort by color, grape, region or any other categorization so that wine connoisseurs can find the perfect selection.

You can also create specialized categories for small plates and food pairings and use the “featured item” option to showcase specials bottles or glasses you’d like to highlight.

If you have a separate wine bar, you can separate your wine list from the food one — or combine them.

There’s also no limit to how many wines you can include.

Digital, contactless wine list advantages

QR code wine lists menus not only cut back on printing and copying costs, they also mean wine connoisseurs only touch their own personal device.

A digital wine list menu can be changed whenever needed with our unlimited editing feature.

You’ll also have the ability to temporarily make items unavailable — removing them from view until it’s back on stock (or back on tap).

Happy hour selections

Happy hour selections are also easy to spotlight — either use a separate category or menu to help guests find the best deals and know when your happy hour begins and ends.

Digital wine list advantages
  • Contactless wine list solution
  • Update whenever you need with new offerings, varietals or vintage
  • More eco-friendly