Digital contactless menus

Contactless menus powered by QR codes

Contactless digital menus can be access by restaurant customers via a simple scan of a QR code.

How digital contactless menus work

They then can peruse the entire menucategories, food and beverage items and more using their own mobile device, meaning they only have to touch their own phone or tablet. That’s a great way to cut back on potentially routes of transmission of coronavirus, COVID-19 or numerous other bacteria or germs.

Your customers are shown a digital menu in a sleek mobile friendly design that doesn’t require any downloads or additional apps.

Advantages of digital contactless menus

A digital menu can be updated at any time with our unlimited editing feature. This lets you change your menu as often as you need.

You’ll also have the ability to temporarily make items unavailable — removing them from the digital menus customers view.

Can be safer than digital signage

A growing trend is to use flat panel LED screens to display menus behind your counter or on a wall.

However, the challenge here is that this tends to create clusters of people trying to get the best view while trying to decide what they want.

For people with low vision, these types of menus can also be a challenge to see, causing them to have to come closer to the screens to read them.

Digital contactless menu advantages
  • Let diners browse menus on their mobile devices
  • Edit yourself as often as you need
  • Deactivate items temporarily or adjust prices without having to reprint
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