Touchless QR restaurant menus

How to create touchless menus for safety against COVID-19 and other germs

Reducing the number of touch points in a restaurant is a key way to help prevent the spread of any germ — including coronavirus.

One of the key places restaurant owners can reduce or eliminate multiple touch points is by switching to digital menus that customers access on their own mobile phone or device by scanning a QR code.

Customers using these digital menus only have to touch their own device — which is something they have already likely been handling for some time by the time they enter your restaurant.

Once inside, there’s no additional “touch” for diners (not even a “tap” or “bump”) to scan a QR code — it can even be done from several feet away in most cases.

Browsing the menu continues entirely on the customers’ device, meaning they are not touching multiple pages or copies of menus and then having to hand them back to the server after ordering.

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Touchless menu advantages
  • Eliminate several touch points
  • Reduces touch points for both staff and customers
  • Customers only touch their own device
  • Staff does not need to touch printed menus
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