Environmentally friendly alternative to single use paper menus

Stop throwing away paper menus

qReveal digital QR code menus and price lists are an eco-friendly, green and more affordable alternative to single use paper menus.

Cut back on printing costs

Instead of printing hundreds or even thousands of single use paper menus, price lists or product and service lists, switch to a digital versions.

This can eliminate nearly all of your printing costs — though it is recommended you keep a few on hand for customers with mobile devices or simply prefer a printed copy.

qReveal can also simplifies the task of creating single use copies by offering a basic print friendly view of your menus that can be printed for customers without devices, those who prefer a paper or in the case of technical issues.

Recyclable doesn’t mean the menus or lists will be recycled

Keep in mind that even if your single use menus or price lists are printed on recyclable paper, that doesn’t mean they will be recycled.

First, menus that get greasy, oily or stained with food often can’t be recycled or reduce the likelihood they will be recycled.

Second, it’s easy for recyclable paper, even in good condition, to get mixed up with trash and the printed copies end up in the garbage rather than recycling.

Finally, it’s worth noting that even if the paper survives being ruined and ends up at the recycling plant, some batches of paper and fiber end up in the garbage due to surpluses and fluctuating supply or demand — so ultimately it’s better to reduce the amount of paper used in the first place.

Eco-friendly highlights
  • Digital menus don’t rely on paper at all
  • Save big on printing costs
  • Recyclable paper doesn’t always get recycled
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