QR codes for digital product & service lists

All qReveal accounts come with free QR codes that direct customers to your price lists or product and service lists.

All of our QR codes are compatible with almost all modern mobile devices with a camera — and scanning it will open your price list on the customer’s web browser. There’s no need for customers to download an app or software to view your content.

We generate print quality resolution QR codes that you can easily download and use on signage, posters, stickers and table tents throughout your restaurant or business.

You can also generate unique QR codes for your various locations so customers end up viewing the right menus.

QR code highlights
  • Free QR codes included
  • Active for as long as your account is
  • Works with all smart devices with a camera
  • No software or app downloads needed for you or your guests

Build your free contactless QR menu

Get started building your free QR code contactless menu.

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