QR code menus & price lists for entertainment venues

Works great for live theatre, concerts, movie theaters and more

Entertainment venues can implement QR code menus and price lists for everything from the refreshment bar to souvenir shops.

  • Refreshment bar and snack bar: Let guests view menus without having to gather around menu signage or squint to see their options. Instead, place large QR codes nearby and let customers scan to view their options.
  • Souvenir stands: Again, prevent crowding around your gift shop — and let attendees scan a QR code to view all the options available (including with optional images) before they get the register.
  • Speed things up: Both approaches can significantly speed up service since customers will be able to decide what they want before getting to the front of the line. Even those too far away to read your traditional price lists and menus can see everything in palm of their hand.
  • Promote sales: Add printed or digital signage in the auditorium or arena that encourages guests to scan the QR code to see what’s available to eat, drink and buy and spur interest and even increase sales. You could even try adding stickers with QR codes to the back of seats or near section entrances for additional reminders of what’s available for sale.
  • In the program: QR codes to view menus and price lists can also be printed in programs, including on inserts.
Why it’s great for entertainment venues
  • Let customers view price lists and menus no matter how far away they are
  • Encourage sales by placing QR codes around your facility
  • Edit yourself as often as you need
  • Deactivate items temporarily or adjust prices without having to reprint
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