Build your own contactless menu for your food truck

Learn the advantages of contactless food truck menus

It might seem odd to suggest a digital contactless menu for a food truck — however, there are many advantages to having one generated.

Avoid ‘crowding’

Food trucks typically have small menus mounted in the window or on the side of one of its panels.

The problem with this is that this means that customers need to gather around a specific location, potentially causing issues with social distancing guidelines.

It can even put you and your workers in danger if too many guests gather around the window.

The safer way

Instead, you can post large QR codes in your food truck window or on the side — and have customers scan it from a safe distance and only approaching the window to order and pick up food, significantly cutting down on social distancing issues.

Other advantages

In addition to being safer and more environmentally friendly, QR code menus also let you dynamically feature specials, 86 items if you run out and mark items as limited availability.

Contactless food truck menu advantages
  • Make it easier for customers to view without crowding around your window
  • Update and 86 items whenever you want
  • More eco-friendly than printed menus

Create your free touchless QR food truck digital menu

Start with your free QR code touchless food truck digital menu.

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