Advantages of QR code menus & price lists

There are many advantages to using a mobile friendly menu or price list

QR code menus, price lists and product and service lists offer your business numerous advantages.

From keeping guests and staffers safe from pathogens to running a more eco-friendly business, digital menus are a great solution for almost any business out there that needs to show customers a list of items and prices.

Digital menus are a great low touch alternative (since customers only have to touch their own devices) and can also encourage proper social distancing by preventing guests from clustering around menu boards.

QR code menus leverage something almost everyone has — a mobile device — to display menus, price lists and product and service lists in a safer and greener way.

All of this makes it easier for you to focus on what matters — running your business in challenging times while keeping your employees and guests safe and healthy.

Explore all the advantages of qReveal below.

Digital menu and price list advantages
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