Digital menus & social distancing

How using digital restaurant menus encourages social distancing

Social distancing is a key way for everyone to do their part in helping prevent the spread of coronavirus and other airborne illnesses.

By implementing digital menus powered by QR codes, you not only can create a touchless or contactless menu experience, but also reduce social distancing while still let your team provide great hospitality and service.

With digital menus, you can cut down on even small clusters of people forming near the host stand or counter in your restaurant, which could provide an added layer of protection for your customers.

Much of this can be driven by making it more efficient to welcome guests and get them seated without touching anything or taking up time grabbing menus.

In addition, customers using a digital menu have the option to build a “wish list” on their devices of items they or members of their table or party are interested in. This isn’t permanent and they can always change their mind.

However, when it comes time to order, this feature can help making ordering more efficient, so you can reduce the amount of time your server needs to stand near other people.

Finally, because digital menus can accommodate much more text plus photos and unlimited modifiers, you can also preemptively cut down on the number of questions about dishes, further reducing the need for close contact.

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How digital menus help with social distancing
  • Keep customers distanced from other parties
  • Keep your staff socially distanced with minimal interruption to hospitality
  • Make face to face contact more efficient
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