Contactless QR code menus

How a contactless QR code menu can help your restaurant

A touchless menu is an idea solution for helping keep staff and customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic — as well as from other types of germs.

By combining the use of QR codes and a rich, mobile friendly digital menu, a touch free menu setup means that your guests and staff never need to touch a shared surface or device.

Your staff does not need to touch reusable — or even single use — menus for customers who opt to use the touchless option. Despite all the precautions restaurants are using, germs are, by definition, invisible, so it’s impossible to be sure that a pathogen doesn’t pass from a person to the menu and then potentially to the guests.

This means less (or almost no) menus to keep clean or print.

Diners, meanwhile, do not need to touch a reusable menu and can feel more environmentally friendly by not having to use a printed paper menu for a few minutes only to see it tossed in the garbage destined for a landfill.

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Touchless menu advantages
  • Reduces touch points for both staff and customers
  • Customers only touch their own device
  • Staff does not need to touch printed menus
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