Safe and secure QR code menus & price lists

How we secure your account, payment info & customers' info

qReveal uses a variety of security measures to keep you and your customers safe.

No passwords

As a business owner, you’ll have access to the qReveal admin area without having another password to remember.

Instead, our system uses a “magic link” approach that, each time you need to login from a new device, our server sends an email to your email address with a link to click and, just like that, you’re in.

Not only does this prevent you from having to remember another password, it is also more secure in that only someone with access to your email account can login and edit your content.

Secure connections

All visits to both the qReveal admin area and public menus and price lists are secured using TLS (SSL) technology that secures all requests made to our servers both ways.

Secure payments

Business owners are billed through Stripe, the leader in online payment processing.

qReveal does not store your full credit card information and uses industry best practices to bill you.

When you initially enter your credit card, it is transmitted using bank grade security.

Security highlights
  • Secure connections to all pages on our site
  • Secure connections for customers viewing your menus or price lists
  • We do not store any credit card numbers
  • No passwords to remember
  • Business owners login using ‘magic links’ in emails
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