PDF contactless menu alternative

Get a mobile friendly, easy to view contactless menu

Uploading a contactless PDF version of your menu and linking a QR code to it may seem like a good idea, but it can actually create a frustrating experience for your guests.

Many PDF files, especially ones designed in the popular wider (landscape) format, are tricky to view on a mobile device.

Viewing PDF menus on the narrow screens found on most mobile devices requires a lot pinching, next craning, rotating and squinting.

This can make it quite challenging for customers to get an overview of your menu and see everything that’s available to them.

qReveal digital menus, however, have a special layout that’s designed specifically for mobile devices.

Users will be able to interact with your menu using familiar swiping and scrolling actions — without having to pinch and zoom to read text.

Compare to see the difference

Below is a simulation of a PDF menu as shown on a mobile device. If you’re on desktop, you can try using the zoom buttons and scroll up, down left or right. If you’re on a touchscreen tablet or mobile phone, you can pinch zoom and move the menu around.

Try the qReveal View below and see the difference.

Why PDF menus stink
  • Not optimize for smaller device screens
  • Often require pinching & zooming on screen
  • Also can require zooming in to try to read text
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