Advantages to having contactless menus for QSR

Quick service restaurants can benefit from contactless QR code menus too

Even quick service restaurants can benefit from digital menus.

Why QSRs can benefit from digital contactless menus

Many QSR restaurants use printed or digital signage to display their menus.

The problem is that this means that customers often end up gathering around where menus are mounted, decreasing social distancing.

It can also lead to frustrated from customers who are spaced out six feet apart — and quickly reach a point where they can’t read the signage at all or squinting to see text.

It can even put you and your staff in danger if too many customers gather around the menu signs or counter.

A better way

Instead, you can post large QR codes in your interior — and have customers scan it and only approach the counter to order and pick up food, significantly cutting down on social distancing issues.

Contactless QSR menu advantages
  • Make it easier for customers to view without crowding the counter or menu signs
  • Prevent issues with social distancing
  • Make your menu easier to read from anywhere in the store

Note: Larger facilities expecting over a few thousand scans per month may require an enterprise plan.

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