QR code menus for restaurants

A safer, cleaner and greener alternative to single use menus

Cleaner, safer menus

As the restaurant industry adjusts to a world where single use menus are necessary for the safety of diners and staff, restaurant owners are faced with a challenge: How do you provide patrons with safe, economical and environmentally friendly single use menus?

The answer is already in the hands of almost all of your customers: Your guests can scan QR codes on signage or table tents and instantly view a dynamic version of your menu on their mobile device.

In addition to literally putting safety in the hands of your customers, restaurant owners will also benefit from money saving and environmentally friendly QR code menus.

Easy to change and update

You’ll also be able to change out your daily specials or limited time offers without having to open a document file, make edits, print and then get stuck with leftovers.

You’ll also be able to update menus yourself in just a few minutes — perfect if you need to 86 something unexpectedly or want to change a menu description or even discover a correction that needs to be made.

Editing and managing your menus is easy and simple from any mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop with a web browser — and there’s no extra apps or software to download or install.

Environmentally friendly single use menu alternative

QR code menus are also a greener and more economical option than giving every guest or table a single use menu since you’ll be cutting down on the amount of single use paper sheets.

Instead, you can have a small stock of single use paper menus on hand for those without mobile devices or who just prefer a printed copy.

  • Customers easily scan QR codes placed around your restaurant
  • Customers browse menus in a mobile friendly view
  • Works on Apple, Android, Windows and any mobile device with a web browser
  • Works in any mobile browser
  • No need to download separate app
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Still have single use printed copies available for customers without devices
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