QR code price lists for any business

Use the power of a QR code to show customers products & services

Create and manage digital price lists or product and service lists for almost any type of business to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Digital price lists for many industries

Digital price lists are a perfect way for salons, spas and barber shops to let customers view products, services and prices without having to touch anything other than their own mobile device.

qReveal’s platform is also ideal for numerous other service industry businesses — everything from dog groomers to veterinarians to professional services. Pretty much any business that needs to let customers or clients easily see a list of products, services and prices can leverage this service.

In short, qReveal’s QR code price lists and product and service lists works for any business that needs to reduce touch points while carrying out operations.

Parts of a digital price list

Explore how digital price lists work on qReveal below.

  • Beauty, salons & spas
  • Service companies
  • Professional services
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