The best way to view menus on mobile devices

Don't make your customers wade through PDF menus or price lists

Uploading a PDF menu to your website and then asking customers to view it on mobile devices results in a clunky and frustrating experience.

PDFs aren’t really meant to be viewed on mobile devices — they’re better for documents that are destined for print.

Even viewing PDF files on a large desktop or laptop screen can be frustrating — with lots of zooming, scrolling left and right and up and down — so think about how much more challenging that is on a mobile device that doesn’t have a mouse or keyboard.

This also makes it tougher for customers to see everything available, potentially cutting down on check totals and upsells.

The best alternative is to use a mobile friendly digital menu solution like qReveal.

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Why PDF menus don’t lead to great customer experiences
  • PDFs don’t fit well on small screens
  • Complex PDF layouts require lots of scrolling and swiping
  • PDFs don’t take advantage of limited screen real estate on mobile devices
  • View our interactive demos to see the difference
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