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Organize any way you’d like

Digital contactless beer menus can be organized by category — and it’s completely up to you how to do that. Everything from IPAs to stouts to lagers to limited time features can be put in a unique category.

You can also create specialized categories for flights or bar food and use the “featured item” option to showcase specials or overstocked items you need to move out.

If your establishment has a separate bar area, you can create a separate beer menu from the food one — or combine them. It’s up to you.

Advantages of a digital contactless beer menu

Digital beer menus not only cut back on printing and copying costs, they also mean users only touch their own personal device.

A digital beer menu can be changed whenever needed with our unlimited editing feature.

You’ll also have the ability to temporarily make items unavailable — removing them from your beer menu until it’s back on stock (or back on tap).

Happy hour menus

Happy hour specials are also easy to highlight — you can use a separate category or menu to spotlight your specials and list valid hours.

Digital beer menu advantages
  • Switch to contactless solution
  • Update whenever you need with new brews, taps or specials
  • More eco-friendly
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