Organize contactless menus by category

Create QR code menus organized by meal or category

Organize your offerings by meal

Each location can have one or more menus to help guide customers to selecting the perfect meal.

Menus, in turn, can have categories that contain items and modifiers.

Menus can be used to organize your offerings by meal or parts of the day — such as offering separate breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch or late night menus.

Offer separate beverage menus

You can also create separate menus to help customers complement their meal with additional, distinct options, including beer, wine or cocktail menus.

Separate digital beverage menus are an ideal way to replicate table top menus in a safer, cleaner way and increase ticket value by highlighting some of your highest margin items.

Automatically show the right menus at the right time

Avoid customer confusion by configuring menus to only be available on select days of the week and during set times. When a diner scans your QR code, they will see only the menus currently available.

For example, your brunch menu could only appear to customers who scan the QR code on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Or, only show your alcohol menus after noon on Sundays. You can also set lunch menus with smaller portions and lower pricing to only be visible midday — and then show dinner menus after whatever time you’d like.

QR code menu highlights
  • Categories organize dishes and beverages
  • Offer menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, late night and more
  • Offer separate beverage or drink menus
  • Create a separate bar menu
  • Spotlight high margin items in standalone menus

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