Cleaner, safer menu or price list alternative

Help do your part in preventing the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19 & other germs

Digital menus and price lists are a great alternative to reusable shared menus and price lists that can spread a variety of viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus and COVID-19.

Reusable menus and price lists — even when they are laminated — are hard to keep clean.

Ultimately, switching to single use menus or digital menus can be a safer alternative. However, using printed single use paper copies isn’t environmentally friendly — making digital the way to go.

Help in the fight against coronavirus and COVID-19

Switching to digital menus or price lists is a great way to do your part in helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 and coronavirus. Since customers view menus or price lists on their own personal device, you can drastically reduce touch points.

Protection against spreading other illnesses

It’s worth noting that other germs can be spread easily on surfaces, so making the switch to digital menus or price lists can also likely help your customers from spreading a variety of other viruses and bacteria — everything from the common cold to norovirus (the “stomach bug”) and influenza and any number of other illnesses.

Safety highlights
  • Better than printed menus or price lists — even laminated ones
  • Do your part in preventing the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19
  • Also help prevent other illnesses and germs
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