Covert company cafeteria menus to contactless

A safer way for employees to view cafeteria menus

Incorporate another layer of safety and social distancing to business and company cafeterias by making the switch to digital QR code contactless menus.

Here’s how it works: Employees can scan a QR code to bring up the day’s cafeteria menu — complete with pricing. They can review the menu and build a meal while maintaining optimal social distancing and only having to approach the service counters when they’ve made up their mind.

This can help cut back on the people clustering around menu signage and serving lines until they are ready to order, enhancing social distancing for both employees and foodservice workers.

Note: Larger facilities expecting over a few thousand scans per month may require an enterprise plan.

Contactless cafeteria menu advantages
  • Ideal for business and company cafeterias
  • Lets employees select their meal without crowding around signage or serving lines
  • Foodservice staff can update daily or as often as they need

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