Manage contactless menu items

QR code menus with as many items as you need

Create QR code menus with as many items as you offer — from soup to nuts, so to speak.

QR code menus with unlimited dishes, beverages and more

Load up all of the tasty dishes your kitchen puts out. Organize items into categories so diners can find an appetizer or starter, main course or entree, dessert and more — increasing your check totals and ensuring guests leave full and satisfied.

When creating items, you can designate a custom name for the item, a description, image and price (or offer it for free).

Managing “add cheese” or “no chicken” pricing is easy using item modifiers.

Flexible pricing options

In addition to setting a traditional price for menu items, alternative options are also available, including no price or options such as “market price” or “starting at” prices (and you can use any label you’d like). Modifiers, which change how a menu item is served, can have negative, neutral or positive prices that add, subtract or do not affect the cost of an item.

Spotlight items or specials

Items can be designated as “featured” — meaning they are highlighted throughout the digital menus shown on guests’ mobile devices.

This is perfect for creating daily specials or highlighting items that utilize overstocked inventory or ingredients nearing expiration dates.

86ing made easy

If the kitchen runs out of an item, you can 86, or remove the item, from your digital menus temporarily without deleting it altogether. This makes it easy to add back once your stock is replenished.

Label items with limited availability

For items, dishes or beverages that in low or limited supply, you can add a small tag to it so customers know it might not be available.

This is also a great way to drum up interest in items.

Item highlights
  • List many dishes, drinks and more as you need
  • Give each item a name, description, optional image and price
  • Organize by categories
  • Specify specials or featured items
  • 86 items if you run out
  • Indicate if a menu item has limited availability
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