Safer, cleaner contactless room service menus

Place QR codes in guest rooms that open your contactless room service menu

Contactless room service menus can significantly benefit from going digital.

Printed and bound menus are high touch surfaces in most hotel rooms — even guests who just glance over it out of interest, meaning they need to be cleaned frequently.

In addition, paper stocks can’t always be adequately cleaned without ruining them.

Instead, switching to a digital menu means you can put your QR code on signage or fliers in each room. Guests can scan the code with their device and view the browse the menu easily using a mobile friendly format.

Note: Larger facilities expecting over a few thousand scans per month may require an enterprise plan.

Contactless room service menu advantages
  • Remove another surface to clean
  • Guests view room service menus on their own device
  • Showcase specials to increase orders
Start your free QR code room service menu

Start with your free QR code contactless room service menu.

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