Manage multiple locations, stores and branches

Create unique QR code menus and price lists for each location you run

Our solution works whether you have one location or dozens. It’s designed to be flexible for how you run your business.

QR code menus and price lists for multiple locations

If your business has more than one location, you can easily create and manage separate price lists for each one.

Each location’s information can reflect its unique clientele, with separate offerings, descriptions and prices.

You’ll be able to generate free price list QR codes for each of your locations that customers scan with any mobile device with a camera and be instantly shown the correct menus or price lists.

Only one location?

If you only have one location — don’t worry.

The qReveal QR code menu and price list builder can handle that too. You’ll just create a single location — but you’ll still have access to create multiple price lists, plus items and modifiers.

Multiple locations, same price list

qReveal also lets you use the same price lists across all of your locations by simple creating a single location and using the same QR code at all of them. This flexibility accommodates businesses with multiple locations that offer the same items and prices at each one.

Locations highlights
  • Works for a single location or dozens
  • Unique menus for each location (if you’re not a restaurant, you can create price lists)
  • Separate, unique free QR codes for each location
  • Works for single location businesses too
  • Alternatively, use the same menu or list at all locations
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