Printing tips for your QR code

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When printing your QR code to create signage or other displays for your customers to scan, there are some points to keep in mind:

  • If you’re printing the materials yourself, be sure you have adequate ink or toner in your printer. Sometimes as these supplies get low, they can produce “faded” look that could cause issues with scanning your code.
  • Printers that leave white “lines” running through the printed sheet typically will cause issues with your QR code.
  • If possible, avoid printing on colored, textured paper or patterned paper. Often these can interfere with scanning as well. If you want to use paper stock like this, you should print and test one first to see if the code still is readable.
  • Some paper stocks also absorb or distribute ink or toner differently that can cause the black “squares” in a QR code to become blurred. Again, test first.
  • If you’re laminating your materials and can find “matte” options this can sometimes be better since it may not reflect light as harshly.
  • If you’re working with a professional printer or sign maker, make sure they aware you plan to print QR codes and check with them for specific sizing and other requirements as early on as possible.
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