What you can include with your QR code

QR Codes Restaurant Menus

QR code menus and price lists work with the same basic concept: A customer is shown a QR code that they scan with their mobile device and the menu or price list opens in their web browser.

This means that, obviously, you should always display at least a QR code, but there is other content that can help make the experience smoother:

  • A large and legible heading explaining that users should get out their mobile device, open the camera or QR scanning app, and point it toward the QR code to view the current menu or price list.
  • Optionally, include some additional text explaining how this reduces the use of paper and helps with keeping things cleaner.
  • You can also include messaging about how this is part of your efforts to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and as well as germs that cause other illnesses or infections.
  • A message noting that single use printed menus are available upon request for customers without mobile devices or who prefer a printed copy. You could also have your staff inform customers of this verbally.

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