Free QR Code Contactless Menus

Free contactless menu plan

qReveal offers free QR code menus for eligible small and medium sized restaurants. The free plan includes all you need to get started with QR code menus and offer contactless menus in your restaurant.

Upgrade for more contactless menu features

Upgrade for more great features starting at just $19 per month when you and your restaurant are ready to do more with your QR code menus, including advanced branding and settings.

Free QR code menu

Most SMBs are eligible for a free QR code menu with basic features

Free QR code menu categories

Up to 5,000 scans and sessions per month are included with your plan rate

Free QR code menu items

List your dishes and beverages inside of categories

Free PDF Menu Alternative

Our free contactless menus are a great alternative to PDF menus that are easier to read

Free Mobile Friendly Experience

A rich, interactive experience for all free QR code menus

Free COVID Menu Alternative

Digital contactless QR code menus can be safer & healthier

Free QR code menu editing

Free and unlimited self service editing — make updates and corrections any time you need to

Free Eco Friendly Menus

Reduce your use of single use menus to show your dedication to the environment

Free No Download Menus

Neither you nor your guests have to download an app — it’s all browser based