Free Contactless QR Code Menus

Free QR code menus for small and medium restaurants

qReveal’s free plan offers a quick and easy way for small and medium sized restaurants to build free contactless QR code menus.

The free plan includes all the basic features needed to get started to make it safer and easier to offer touchless digital menus for your guests during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Eligible users can create one menu for your restaurant, add categories and items and get instant access to free QR codes to print and place around your restaurant.

Added by popular demand, the qReveal free edition is ideal for restaurants facing the challenges of operating during coronavirus restrictions.

It’s free to sign up and free to use all of the basic features — and a premium plan starts at $19 per month with even more great features to make your contactless menu a fully branded experience for your guests along with an increased number of scans and sessions.

The new, lower $19 per month premium price is also designed to be affordable for most small and medium sized restaurants.

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